4 Traits of Great Paid Survey Websites

The internet has opened a lot of doors, but one of the most important doors is that of making money online. And, as you’ve likely learned, there are a lot of ways that you can do that – working from home, winning all kinds of contests, and, the most popular of all, taking surveys.

Surveys are a great way for you to enjoy earning money – they’re simple, they’re quick, and everyone likes to talk about their opinions! But, there are so many sites out there that it can be difficult to pick the one(s) that meet your needs and requirements.

There are a lot of great websites out there for taking surveys, and the best ones have a handful of things in common. Let’s take a look at what makes some paid survey websites stand out from the rest of the pack.

1. Legitimacy

This is an essential question – is it legitimate? You want to be sure that you’re using a website that is actually going to give you surveys and that is actually going to give you some money. With the dozens of sites that are online nowadays, it isn’t surprising that there are some that are just complete fakes. Thankfully, you can find a lot of information about every survey site on the web, and you can learn whether or not they are legitimate. User reviews usually tell you a lot, and you’ll usually find a lot of complaints if a website doesn’t provide what it promises to survey-takers. Legitimate websites usually show up in a number of reviews across the web, so you can learn more about them and see why people prefer them over the other options that are out there.

2. Number of Survey Opportunities

In order to get ahead in the world of survey taking, you want to be sure that you’re doing as many of them as possible. The more that you do, the easier it will be to really see the money accumulate in your accounts! So, you want to be sure that you scope out all of the different websites that you’re considering and see just how many surveys that they offer on a regular basis. Is it one a day? Do you have a list that you can go to daily and take as many of them that you may be eligible for? Are you getting a couple a week? Look around and find the sites that are going to grant you the most opportunities and you’ll see what a world of difference it can make for your wallet!

3. Payout Statistics

When you’re taking paid surveys online, you want to be sure that you’ll be paid, right? We all do! So it’s essential that you take some time to check out their payout statistics. How much do they pay out to their survey takers? How quickly are they actually going to pay you? And how are you getting paid? Some sites will deposit money into a PayPal account or other online account; others will give you points and offer a variety of choices for you to spend those points on. In many cases, you spend fewer points to get a gift card than it does for you to get cash, so you want to be sure that you keep that in mind when you’re comparing and contrasting as well. As long as there are a lot of ways to get your money and you have ways to make choices regarding that money, you’re in a good position.

4. User Friendliness

One of the biggest complaints that many people have about these sorts of sites is that they have some difficulty when it comes to filling out the surveys that they are interested in. The site may be difficult to navigate, or you may be struggling to figure out just how you get the money that you earned from surveys. In any context, you want to be sure that you’re on the lookout for a website that is user friendly. Look at user reviews of the site or sign up and try it out for yourself to get a solid idea about its use and flexibility.

As you search for the best survey sites, be sure that you do some research and figure out exactly what it is that you may need to get your hands on. More often than not, you will find a lot of great options and you can feel confident that you are going to be able to make some solid cash online.

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Melissa Thompson

Melissa is a mother of 2, lives in Utah, and writes for a multitude of sites. She is currently the EIC of HarcourtHealth.com and writes about health, wellness, and business topics.