5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Eyeglass Frame

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Gone are the days when women wearing glasses are labeled “Ugly Betty” and men are labeled geeks. Eyeglasses manufacturers, such as Firmoo, are now coming up with fresh and new designs to make your glasses be one of the best accessories that can make you look good. Now, you can easily upgrade your look through the frames of your glasses.

Here are some tips for you to consider when choosing the right frames:

  1. Consider the shape of your face

Eyeglasses, even sunglasses, should enhance and complement the shape of your face and highlight your best facial features. Here’s a cheat sheet for you to follow:

  • If your face is round shaped, go for square-shaped frames to balance out your circular face and make it look slimmer. Avoid rimless and circular frames, as these will only make your face look even rounder.
  • If your face is square shaped, round-framed glasses go best as they soften out your strong features. Avoid square-framed eyeglasses, as these will make your angular features more pronounced.
  • If your face is oval shaped, choose glasses that are wide on the strongest part of your face and have a geometric shape. Avoid picking frames that are too large and cover up most of your face, which will make you look even more oval.
  • If your face is diamond shaped, cat-eye glasses suit you the most, whereas box-shaped frames should be highly avoided.
  • If your face is heart shaped, choose frames that can help narrow down your forehead, and avoid frames that are embellished, as these will draw attention to your forehead.

If you do not know the shape of your face, you can ask any of the optometrists or salespersons in optical shops, as they are usually very well versed with this matter.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

Your eyeglasses should match your lifestyle. For example, if you’re on the management side of the company or work with people such as sales representatives, keep your frames clean and straightforward. If you have an overly embellished and designed pair of glasses, your clients will focus only on your glasses and can get distracted. They may also not take you seriously, which can affect your job performance.

If you’re looking for eyeglasses for young children, plastic frames are better, as these are easier for young children to manage and keep.

Because your glasses will be with you every day, it is essential that your glasses will suit your lifestyle needs, so that using them will not be a burden to the job that you do.

  1. Consider your skin tone

When picking out frames, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Eyeglasses are very personal, and the frames should match the color of your face. If your frame color clashes with your skin tone, it will simply not complement your overall look.

For warmer and darker skin tones, stay away from pastel, white, or black frames, as these will not flatter your complexion. You are better off wearing frames in browns, greens, and beige hues.

For cooler and lighter skin tones, choose frames that are silver, black, dark grays, and blues. These colors will stand out and will help make your face look more defined, rather than entirely washing out your complexion.

  1. Consider your personality

Your eyeglasses should match your personality. When they do, you feel more confident and comfortable wearing them. Never choose frames that are out of your comfort zone.

For example, if you’re one who is into trends and fashion and are outspoken, frames that are embellished or have different-colored frames can match your personality. You can even have different glasses to match your outfit or make up for the day.

However, if you’re more on the serious or simple side, classic frames with minimal and straightforward designs will suit you best.

  1. Consider your eye color

Aside from your face shape, you should also consider your eye color. When you’re talking to someone, you usually make a first impression by making eye contact. You should, therefore, make that eye contact count. To do so, always choose a frame color that goes with your eye color. To highlight your eye color, choose frames that are along the same color hue or tone as your eyes.


When buying eyeglasses, it’s usually choosing the frames that will give you the most difficulty. It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with your options. These tips will help you narrow down your choices and make a better decision when picking out frames. Remember, you’ll be using your eyeglasses every day, so pick frames that will give you that extra boost of confidence.

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