5 Surefire ways to Become Popular in College

College life is the most enjoyable and memorable time for a person. Every young wants to become popular in college. Mainly people with attractive figures, good looking, wearing smart clothes, driving the latest model cars and having a pocket full of money are the center of attraction. You don’t need to worry about if you don’t have any of those. There are some other ways to become popular in college.

This is the time when we break all the shackles around us and roam like a happy adult butterfly. Popularity does not mean you have to do some unfair means or pulling off some illegal stunts. Popularity can be achieved by having a great personality or becoming a loyal companion to others. Enrolling in school sports and getting some trophies for your college can earn you the desired reputation among other students.

In this article, we will show you some invincible tips on gaining popularity in college.

Make Friends and Be Loyal

Making a friend in the college is the part and parcel of becoming popular. Having a good friend or becoming a member of a close friend circle will always give you the extra edge in your college stress life. Moreover, a strong and sound relationship can long last till after college life.

Always remember people are attracted to smiling and honest individuals with extending helping hands. Always maintain a transparent relationship. Don’t backbite or gossip about your friends with others. Always try to be positive about others, make them feel that you are really anxious about them and try to help them unconditionally during their troubled period. If a friend comes to you and says, ” Do my essay for me.” Try to help them. You might get it back one day. Try to listen first, then talk. Extend your helping hands to others.

Become Active in the Social Media

You cannot avoid the significance of social media in our daily lives. If you are thinking about how to become popular in college then social media is the next best weapon for you. Get ready with your Facebook, Twitter, and Gooole+ be more active in those platforms, search new connections within your college. Never hesitate to send a friend request to new people within your college’s network. Your first move can assist you later to expand your circle and make them feel special.

Later you can say your seniors, ‘Write for me in my LinkedIn profile’, if you can maintain a healthy relationship in college. If your college has a confession page then submit your confession. In this way, you can be the talk of the campus. But never sound too needy. Maintain your personality and your soberness while chatting with an unknown for the first time.

Participate in Sports

Getting involved in college sports can give you the much-desired popularity in a short span of time. It will help you to get a simple smile and a ‘Hi’ from the students you don’t even know. Will help you to create a group which may come in handy later.

If you have a passion for soccer or basketball then enrolling in the college thing is the easier way for you to create a hype. Just imagine all the students of your college are chanting your name at the inter-college sports events. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Do Volunteer Works

Doing volunteer works is an effective way to prove yourself to your surroundings. Volunteering works will also give you some experiences which will become fruitful in your professional life later on. Helping old people in the old homes, looking after the kids in the hospitals, working in the area’s food bank will not only give you experience but will also give a great deal of happiness and tool to deal in the severe circumstances. One thing to make sure that if a senior comes to you and says write my essay now consider it as a volunteer work rather than getting into unnecessary troubles.

Be Trendy and Up to Date about Fashion

People have the general tendency of looking at the trendiest and the most fashionable person on the campus. Always keep up to date with the modern trends, dresses, hairstyle, accessories. It can make you the talk of the campus. Always wear clothes, carry accessories or bags which you are comfortable carrying. Don’t make yourself a comedy by doing excessive style.

Taste of style may vary from person to person. Even if you are a boy you should spend some time researching some current trends. It will give you the desired confidence make you stand out among all.


Lastly, be a leader to become the center of the attraction. Search for your own charisma to show in the cultural program or any extracurricular activities. But remember, always be humble and loyal to your friends.

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