5 Ways To Make Your Vehicle Look Brand New

Whether you’re trying to sell your vehicle, or just want to spruce up the car you currently drive, there are lots of ways to make your car feel brand new that won’t break the bank.

  1. Really CLEAN it

The easiest way to make your car look brand new is to give it a thorough cleaning. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you can take your vehicle to the nearest car wash for a detailing. If you’re doing your deep clean on your own, you’ll need access to a central vac, or have a battery powered vacuum that you can use to clean the interior of your vehicle. Really take the time to clean the areas that accumulate dirt, like the cupholders and under the driver and front passenger seats. Wash the exterior, and add a coat of wax. Waxing will help protect your car from the elements, and give it a beautiful sheen.

  1. Upkeep, or update, your paint job

Even if you keep your car in good condition, sometimes a new paint job is still necessary. Maybe there are too many scratches, or there are imperfections you’d like to cover up. When you get a new coat of paint, you can choose to either go with the existing color or, if you want something a little less permanent, get a car wrap. Car wraps are typically for vehicles that belong to businesses, but you can also use them for a semi-permanent color change which can last up to 7 years and protect the underlying paint job. The choice is up to you, but keep in mind that if you decide to paint your car professionally, it’s permanent.

  1. Add new tech

Adding a new stereo system or navigation system to your car can really update it, and it adds a lot of value to your vehicle. Safety features are also a great option. If you’re installing a new system, consider including front and back cameras to increase the safety of your vehicle. You may even be able to reduce your insurance premium by adding these features.

  1. Reupholster your seats

Sometimes, even the deepest clean can’t help old stained seats. Reupholstering your seats may not be as expensive as you think, and it’s a surefire way to make your car look like it just came off the lot.

  1. Clean and update your headlights

The headlights on your car can get foggy and dirty. Cleaning them off is not only important for your safety, but will also give your car an aesthetic spruce-up. If you want to go the extra mile, you can change up your headlights to LEDs, improving both your visibility and safety rating.

Some of these suggestions can help you save money on your car insurance. Having rear and front cameras and LED headlights may save you money on your premium. Check with your insurance provider to see if any additions to your vehicle give you a discount. If you’re not satisfied with your current provider, compare your current policy to make sure that you’re getting the best price possi

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