6 Important Questions to Ask Before Renovating a Basement

The time has come to convert your basement from wasted space to square footage that actually serves a purpose. According to the team at Toronto Penguin Basements , you should arrange for a contractor to visit the home so you can be cofortable with each other and each of you can understand what’s involved in the project. Here are some examples of recommended questions to ask and why the answer is so important.

Do The Walls and Floor Need to be Water-Proofed?

It makes sense that you would want to know how long would it take to finish a basement once the work is underway. One factor that impacts the time frame is whether or not the walls need to be water-proofed. The contractor can examine the walls and determine if they are already sealed properly. If so, this step can be skipped and the renovation team can move on to the next task on the list.

Can I Stain and Seal the Floor Rather Than Add Tile or Veneer?

You do want to make sure the floor is attractive, but the idea of tile, veneer, or carpeting is not really in line with your plans for the space. Ask the contractor from Toronto Penguin Basements if it would be possible to smooth the concrete, have it stained, and then seal it again. There’s a good chance that this strategy will work and the result will be a floor that’s easy to keep clean, holds up well in terms of appearance, and functions exactly the way you hoped.

Will I Need to Upgrade the Wiring or the Plumbing?

Depending on what purpose you have in mind for the space, some upgrades to the wiring or plumbing may be necessary. Talk with the contractor about what you want to do in terms of lighting, adding outlets and light switches, or maybe even including wiring for devices like ovens and refrigerators. The professional can determine what if anything needs to be upgraded and then provide a better idea of how long would it take to finish a basement.

How About Ventilation?

Ventilation in a space like a basement does matter. Along with vents that provide warm and cold air from the home’s HVAC system, think about ventilation options like small windows near the basement ceiling. Even if there are already one or two present, the contractor from Toronto Penguin Basements can tell you what can be done to add a couple more. Along with another option for ventilation, more windows also means more natural light in the space.

What Can I Do With the Walls?

What sort of treatment can be done with the walls? Once they are water-proofed, there are several options. Paneling is one approach to consider. If you happen to like the look of the brick, have it cleaned and then seal it to maintain the appearance. You can also consider painting the walls to help create the mood that you have in mind for the space. The contractor can help you understand how each of these options would work and how long would it take to finish a basement once you selected a solution.

Can I Do Some Work Now and Have More Done Later?

Perhaps you want to take care of the structural changes, the wiring and plumbing, and the water-proofing right now, but not focus on the cosmetic changes at present. The contractor will be happy to take care of all the construction aspects of the project now and return when you are ready to pursue other tasks. This is a great approach is you prefer to have everything done on a cash basis and it will take time to come up with the money needed for the cosmetic touches.

Why allow the basement to remain unused space? With a little assistance from a professional, it won’t take long to determine what needs to be done, how long it will take, and the cost involved. Once you have a plan in place, work out a schedule with the contractor and get ready to enjoy your new finished space.

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