Advice For Going Through A Separation

Going through a separation quite often can be an upsetting period, particularly if you have built a life together. No matter the reason for the separation, it is important that you know how to manage this process so that it can be a simple as possible which will allow the healing process to be much easier. While there is no magic fix which will make everything fine, things will get easier over time. So here are a few tips for anyone going through a separation which should help to make the process slightly easier.


It is tough, but communication is vital during a separation. You both need to be able to talk honestly and respect one another’s viewpoint while avoiding conflict. There will be a range of emotions that you both go through, but if you are able to be practical, it will make the process much easier to manage.

Speak To A Divorce Lawyer

Make sure to find a reputable divorce lawyer who will be able to handle the practical side of the separation so that you can focus on getting over the relationship. Divorce statistics show that 42% of marriages end in divorce, so it is not uncommon, and a divorce lawyer will know how to help with all areas of the separation.

Establish A Plan

One of the scariest parts of going through a separation is the uncertainty over so many areas of your life. Having a plan in place regarding where you will live in the short and long term, how you will get to work, who will look after the pets, and handling the kids’ appointments (if applicable), will help immensely.

Be Honest With Kids

Leading on from this, if you do have children, then a separation will always be challenging, and you are sure to have fears over the impact that it will have. The best approach is to be honest with the kids but to avoid making them a part of the drama. Make sure that they know that they are loved from both sides and that this will never change. You should also avoid badmouthing their other parent and make sure that you are there to provide emotional support.

Look After Yourself

During such an emotional time, it is very easy to neglect yourself, but this can only make matters worse. For those that are struggling you should consider speaking to a therapist which many people end up doing, and there’s nothing to be ashamed about from about doing so. Try to make an extra effort to exercise, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and avoid drinking too much alcohol.

The separation process will always be difficult, and there is no avoiding this. Although it will be tough, the above advice should help to make it slightly easier so you can start rebuilding your life in a healthy fashion. Separation is quite common and, although difficult, something that you can get over with time.

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