Allen R Hartman talks about the wonders of the Houston real estate market

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We’re fortunate enough to be in an era where real estate looks to be a very good proposition for the typical investor. Many kept the faith during the dark periods a few years ago, and it would be fair to say that this faith is now being repaid in abundance.

In Houston specifically, the market is booming. To provide a quick photo, house values are rising faster than most ever imagined and this is something that means its working impeccably well for those who are pledging their money in the area.

One individual has done that is Allen R Hartman. We have tapped into his knowledge to find out just why Houston is achieving so much success from an investment perspective.

It’s full of oil and gas (and therefore, money)

One of the big advantages associated with Houston is the fact that it houses one of the most lucrative industries in the world; oil and gas. This is where many major companies in the field are based and as we all know, this attracts skilled workers, who are paid handsomely for their efforts.

The nature of oil and gas means that it’s certainly not limited to locals as well. A lot of these workers come from other countries and from an investment perspective, this opens things up significantly. In other words, properties aren’t just targeted at those who currently reside in Houston – but those who arrive from all over the world. In short, the market is huge, and it’s a market full of wealthy people.

One of the biggest business hubs in the world

The oil and gas industry is certainly big in Houston, but let’s take a look at business as a whole. Some quarters have classed Houston as the second home of the Fortune 500, for the simple reason that there are so many huge companies that are now based there. To put things into perspective, there’s only New York which has more large corporations – so to say that Houston is significant in the whole business picture might even be an understatement.

What does this mean for properties? Again, it means that demand is always high. The nature of these organizations mean that many people are employed within them and a lot of the time, they have big salaries to cover those rising rents.

The small matter of the Texas Medical Center

So far, a lot of this article has focused on the business side of Houston. This next point has something of a business point of view as well, but we’re mainly going to talk about the impeccable health care the city has to offer.

It is home to the Texas Medical Center; the largest employer in the whole of Houston. Again, from a jobs perspective the facts speak for themselves, but many people are enticed to Houston just because the health care is so vast. In other words, it has both business and personal benefits for those thinking of moving to the area.

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