The Benefits of Apartment Living in Lehi, Utah

Apartment living in Lehi is a blast. Fun, convenient, reasonable rents, and great social mixing, are just a few of the general good things this little town on the move has to offer those who prefer renting to owning. A few minutes North of Lehi is Salt Lake City, often called ‘The Crossroads of the West.’ And to the South there is the glorious Utah Valley which offers a diverse cultural scene as well as wonderful skiing venues.

You could do worse than rent an apartment there. Here are some other advantages and benefits to look forward to:

The resort lifestyle

Quality apartments like the Lofts at Ivory Ridge offer free memberships in tennis clubs and often have free access to indoor pools for you and your guests. At the very least there will be an outdoor pool where you can wile away the summer hours working on your tan as well as your breaststroke. Discount memberships in athletic clubs and gyms is also part of the package for renters in this area. That’s because apartment owners and managers are aggressively seeking your business and are willing to offer some superlative benefits in return for a long term leasing agreement.

Keeping fit

Newly built apartments are offering fitness centers in-house where you can work out on Nordictrack, lift weights, work with a personal trainer, take yoga, zumba, and pilates classes from a trained and licensed instructor, pedal away the flab on a stationary bicycle, and do all sorts of other body buffing activity that will make you the envy of your non-renting friends and coworkers.

Keeping clean

Your trips to that grimy scary laundromat are a thing of the past. And no more hoarding quarters to feed those insatiable machines, either. Now you have a full size washer and dryer in your own apartment and can do your laundry whenever you feel like it — at six in the morning or at midnight. Your clothes will not smell fresher, look neater, and be available in the blink of an eye. The money you save and the aggravation you avoid will add years to your life and keep the wrinkles away from your brow.

Finally, your own storage space!

A secured, locked, storage space is at last all yours! No more renting or stashing your stuff in the parent’s basement or a friend’s garage. You have it under the same roof as yourself, easily accessible so you can get at it whenever you need to, not at the convenience of someone else. Part of growing up is getting more stuff than you know what to do with. So you put it in a storage closet and forget about it. It’s an American rite of passage.

Designer kitchens

Gone are the days when your cooking area was the size of your coat closet. No more banging elbows on counters or coming down with claustrophobia while frying an egg! New apartments feature designer kitchens that cleverly give the appearance of wide open spaces even in the confines of the most modest apartment space. Marble topped islands where you can chop a salad or filet a swordfish steak, along with a built in microwave and plenty of user friendly cabinetry are just some of the standard features you’ll find in your new apartment. Some apartments now feature a kitchen garbage chute so you never have to go outside again to take out the trash. How sweet is that?

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