Everything You Need to Know About Immigration Law

Immigration law determines your residency and citizenship status. It’s this status that binds your rights and obligations. It also guides how a non-resident can gain residency, visitation and citizenship rights.

Are you planning to live and work in Canada? Probably you’re wondering whether to hire a lawyer or not. According to Canadian authorities, you don’t need to hire a lawyer. It’s up to your dissection.

However, planning to go alone can work against you. Here are some reasons why you need to engage the Bellissimo Law Group for legal advice and guidance.

  • Knowledge and Expertise

Immigrating to Canada involves lots of legal procedures. There are lots of forms and documents to fill. If you’re not familiar with immigration law, you may end up making mistakes. You don’t want this to happen.

Hire the services of a competent immigration lawyer to guide you through the process.

Otherwise, you may risk having your application rejected. If this happens, you’ll have difficulties reapplying in the future.

  • Affordable Fees

A reputable immigration law firm charges affordable rates without giving unattainable or false promises. The firms care about giving you the best possible legal advice and service at an affordable price. Otherwise, how will they possess that reputation in the first place?

Are you worried about hiring scam companies? Don’t worry! Learn some tips to detect and avoid a scam or fraudulent law firms in Canada. Such may include seeking for this information before hiring an immigration lawyer.

It’s essential you work with someone with the right training and knowledge. You can determine this by:

  • Asking for references
  • Asking about their experience in the Canadian immigration process.
  • Have a conversation with their past clients.
  • Find out whether they belong to a legal professional association in Canada.
  • Increases Your Chances of Success

Let’s get it clear; hiring an attorney doesn’t offer a guarantee that your visa application will go through or not. However, utilizing the best immigration attorney will increase the chances of this happening.

The attorney will go through your documents to ensure compliance with set regulations. From here, they’ll provide fair treatment from the immigration officials. If not, the lawyers will prosecute the case for you in court.

Remember, the role of your advocate is to represent you. Don’t forget the government pays the immigration officer to determine the outcome of your application, not you, not your advocate.

  • Allows you to Deadlines

An attorney ensures all the documentation is done correctly and within set timelines.

Overlooking a requirement on your application is possible. Such a simple mistake can jeopardize the entire process. An immigration law attorney ensures these mistakes don’t happen.


Do you want to immigrate to Canada today? Well, you need to fill your visa applications. While it’s not mandatory to have an immigration law attorney, having one increases your chances of success. The lawyer ensures you comply with all set regulations. If the immigration authorities don’t treat your case fairly, the lawyers will gladly appeal the decision in court.

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