Good News: Tax Filing Date Extended To April 18

California’s Franchise Tax Board reminded California taxpayers that the tax filing deadline of April 15th has been extended to Monday, April 18th.

Washington, D.C. celebrates Emancipation Day on Friday, April 15, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced it is honoring that holiday. That meant the filing deadline was extended for three days, to April 18th.

To avoid making taxpayers have two separate filing deadlines, the FTB agreed to extend its own deadline to match the federal deadline.

California State Controller, Betty T. Yee, said “The extended deadline provides a few extra days for Californians to file their taxes and take advantage of available credits such as California’s new Earned Income Tax Credit.” Ms. Yee also serves as Franchise Tax Board chair.

The FTB also noted that taxpayers unable to file by the extended deadline of April 18 can still get help by using California’s automatic six-month filing extension. That takes the filing deadline out to October 15, 2016. Taxpayers should note that they still have an obligation to pay their estimated tax by the April 18th deadline. The additional six months are only an extension to file the paperwork. If the estimated taxes are not paid by the 18th, interest and penalties are payable.

11.5 million Californians have already filed their state returns. Around six million taxpayers wait until the deadlines to file.

california extends tax filing deadline.
California extends tax filing deadline.

The FTB website provides links to forms that individuals and businesses need.

The FTB noted that online payment options are available at, by clicking the link “All Payment Options, ” and using the secure Web Pay system.

The FTB also noted that all MyFTB accounts created prior to 2016 have been deactivated, requiring taxpayers to re-register to access MyFTB, CalFile, and some Web Pay features. Note that a MyFTB account is not required to use Web Pay.

General questions about state taxes can be answered by staff, by calling the Franchise Tax Board at (800) 852-5711 or online using the LiveChat system.

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