Hot Wood Flooring Trends for 2019

Wood flooring is beautiful and can be installed to blend in with existing decor or contrast with it to make a statement.

Wide Planks for Rustic Appeal

Real wood flooring continues to be very popular, with trends pushing toward wide plank sizes. This works fabulously in cabin-style homes and lends an authentic, mature look to many decor options.

Reclaimed Wood Trends

“Granary Plank brings us amazing wood from abandoned granaries and farm buildings. This mix of fir and pine is loaded with character from its past life as a structural beam, including saw marks, nail holes and weathered patina – the look is unmistakable and genuine. The material is precision milled for easy installation while remaining true to its agrarian origins, ” according to flooring experts at Viridian Reclaimed Wood.

Timelessly Classic Wood Floors Still in Vogue

Available in an endless variety of shapes, textures and colors, wood flooring is more popular than ever. And because flooring is a major investment, it’s important to choose wisely and carefully, without rushing the decision. For example, in the South, there’s a shift toward Northern Appalachian white oak, French oak and walnut. Lighter hardwoods like these tend to be smooth in texture and take stains very well.

New Techniques

Not everyone wants to opt of traditional stains, though. Reactive staining is a chemical process that involves oxidizing the wood with minerals that react with the wood’s to create color. This brings out the natural quality of the wood much more strongly than staining.

Wire brushing is a growing trend that textures wood flooring. It removes the soft grain so that the wood subtly reflects the light, which also highlights the natural beauty of the wood.

Wood in Every Room

Hardwoods bring a cozy look, which is why homeowners want it in every room of the house. Even though tile is recommended around the tub area and anywhere prone to splashing, antique wood can be incorporated in the wall or flooring design for a beautiful look.

The essential thing is beautiful craftsmanship. When these are thought through with care and precision and executed with deliberation, it shows in the end product. In short, to be on-trend with 2019’s hottest flooring looks, don’t succumb to trends. Instead, homeowners should choose the styles and patterns that speak to them.

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