How to Use Lyft’s $50 Promo Codes

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Lyft is out to give new users exciting offers. They are in a marketing mission. As a new user, you can always use Lyft gift codes to claim a free ride, saving yourself significant amounts of money. Lyft grants a maximum of $50 in its promo codes. All you need is to enter your Lyft promo code and unlock your ride credit. Plus, it’s important to note that the credit amount varies from city to city. Remember, the offer is only available to new users.

How to use Lyft Promo Codes

Wondering how to use a Lyft code for $50? Well, follow the following tips.

Download the App

With this code-which is valid for 14 days-new users can enjoy the platform without having to pay a lot to enjoy the ride. Start by downloading the rider app from Google play or app store. The app can also be directly downloaded from the Lyft website.

Give Important Personal Info

Verify important contact details like your phone number. After downloading the app, you’ll be prompted to create an account. All you need to do is to follow the simple instructions and fill in profiler info and other necessary payment instructions.

Request the Rides, Enter the Promo Code

The next step involves requesting the rides and entering the Lyft credit code. From here, navigate directly to the payment section and enter the user promo code. Go to the Add Credit/ Gift Code. Here, you’ll be required to enter your codes. After adding the codes, information such as ride credit amount and expiry date will be displayed.

Using the Referral Code: Important Tip

While Lyft’s promo code terms are simple and pretty clear, there are certain things you should know. They include:

  • New riders are only entitled to one promotion ride
  • In order to take your first ride, you should successfully enter the promo code
  • Lyft gift codes last for 14 days
  • By inviting your friends to join the app, you’ll be increasing your chances of getting free rides.

The True Value of the Codes

The two main forces that are now creating shockwaves in the rideshare industry are Lyft and Uber. Both are on a serious battle to attract more users. And Lyft is quickly gaining popularity for its remarkable bonuses. Since the company is struggling to stay on top of the game, it’s offering huge incentives to new customers. Take advantage of their free ride credits estimated at $20 to $50.

Different amounts are being tested in each city, so you can always land a certain price. Sounds good?

When to Use the Lyft Coupon

There isn’t a specific time to utilize the app, just use it when you’re ready for your first time ride. Download the app, enter the credit code, and have fun.

New Promo Codes from Lyft

Some of the most exciting new codes from Lyft include:

  • RIDESTERLYFT: Here, as a new driver, you are entitled to huge sign-on bonuses which can go up to$2,000.
  • NEWUZER: Here, new riders can get as high as $50 worth of free ride credits
  • NEWUSER10: Get up to $5 credit for two rides
  • LYFTCOUPONS: The code guarantees $3 credit for three rides
  • 20LYFTPROMO: taking 10 rides with this code gives new users $2 credit each

The Bottom-Line

Lyft is all about making its new users happy. With an array of promo codes, new users can get the most out of their money. With these incentives, you pay less while enjoying free rides. So, if you haven’t signed up with them, you are missing a lot. Sign up now, follow the simple instructions, and receive your free rides. It’s that simple!

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