How Young is Too Young to Start Worrying About Your Credit Score?

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Credit scores are extremely important in this day and age, affecting everything from your ability to receive a loan to where you can live and potentially even work. However, it’s largely something adults are encouraged to worry about. So, does this mean teens and students don’t need to worry?

Here, we’ll look at how young is too young to start worrying about your credit score.

When should you start paying attention to your score?

Ideally, you’ll want to start paying attention to your credit report when you’re 18. This is typically the age teens either enter the workplace or start studying at college or university.

What many people don’t realise is that having no credit rating can be just as bad as having a negative one. So, it’s a good idea for students to start building up their score as early as possible. That way, when it comes to looking for a place to rent and potentially seeking a loan in the future, you’ll run into much fewer problems.

Also, the earlier you start worrying about your credit rating, the better off you’re going to be. New figures show that teenagers today have a better credit score than many people in their late 20’s. The earlier you start focusing on your score, the better it will be later on in life.

How can you build up your score?

So, now that you know when to start focusing on your credit score, the question is, how can you build it up as a student?

One of the best ways to start building a good score is to use a credit card. As you don’t currently have a score which lenders can use to assess your risk, you may be better off looking for one that’s designed with bad credit or no credit in mind. Many lenders such as Ocean Credit Card, offer free eligibility checks to see whether you’ll be accepted for the card before you actually apply.

You can use a credit card to build up your rating by spending a little each month and then paying the balance off in full.

Overall, it’s never too early to start focusing on your credit score. The earlier you start, the healthier it’s going to be as you enter into adulthood. So, it’s worth looking into ways to build up your score while you’re a student.

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