A Look Ahead to 2019 With Ahmed Nashaat

The time is almost upon us to close out 2018 and welcome in 2019. This year has been one that will be remembered for the media talking about the threat of nuclear war, France lifting the FIFA World Cup, Brazil voting in a leader who seems sure to take them backwards and of course who can forget the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle.

I was chatting with my friend Ahmed Nashaat last night about what there is to look forward to in 2019 and it seems there is in fact quite a lot.

Here is what Ahmed Nashaat sees looking forward into the upcoming year.

Game of Thrones

No TV show has amassed as much attention and debate as Game of Thrones and the new season has been teasing us for some time now. This morning however it was announced by the show’s creators that April 2019 will be the month that Winter finally arrives. There are so many themes and sub-plots that need to be resolved in this final season so we are waiting with bated breath. This season will be compiled of only 6 episodes so we can also expect some feature-film length episodes to get our teeth into.

What Will Trump Do?

As much as many people wanted to wake up and realize that Donald Trump in power was all a dream, this unfortunately wasn’t the case. The question is however, that after a year of PR disasters, fights with the press and hidden secrets from his past, what will Trump do in 2019? Will he build that wall? Will he start a war with someone? Will he continue his fight against fake news? And will he continue to be on Russia’s side? All pertinent questions for the year ahead.

Royal Baby

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage was one of the most hotly anticipated events of 2018 and now we can all look forward to another royal baby coming into the family in 2019. Will it be a boy? A girl? Ginger? We will have to wait and find out.


The biggest story in the world of finance in 2018 was the boom of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, before the bubble eventually burst. But what will 2019 bring with regards to the world of cryptocurrency? Experts are suggesting that it will once again reach dizzying heights as more governments and businesses approve the currency, but this could simply be rhetoric aimed at changing the market price. Only time will tell what will happen with this exciting new digital currency.

Elon Musk

The most exciting thing about each coming year is what will Elon Musk do? This year he flew his rockets into space and back, he smoked some Mary Jane with Joe Rogan causing his Tesla stock price to crash and he has installed a network of tunnels under Los Angeles, not a bad year. The real life Tony Stark will surely have something exciting in store for the world in 2019, but what will it be?

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