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We all want to have extra cash in our pockets for those times when only money will fix a problem. But most of us feel that no matter how much we make there is only ever enough to just get by.

This leads to stress and discomfort and a feeling of helplessness because the bottom line is we need to put money away for the future.

But, how to best put money away for a rainy day, retirement or just so that you have the comfort of knowing that a disaster will not take away your current lifestyle?

These questions are best put to experts like New York based Michael Briese who provides great advice to people looking to firm up their financial status, make a large heist, and have a nest egg sitting and prepared for any eventuality.

What he will tell you is that there are many ways to start aggregating a few dollars to buy that Rolex you want. Here are some ideas to consider:

Start Investing:

Investments provide the best chance you have at building up financial resources. What you pick to invest in can be one of many things or all of them depending on how much you have to spend and your desire to diversify. You can choose stocks, bonds and futures if you have an appetite for securities. You can invest in commercial or residential real estate if you want a tried and true investment option, or you can buy Bitcoins if you want the hottest new investment.

Al of these options can create lots of wealth for you, but whichever one you choose you need to understand the ins and outs of it completely and find experts to provide you relevant and good advice. Avoid moving too quickly no matter how good a deal seems or your plans might get busted, and know that there will always be good deals when you are ready to invest.

Save a Percentage of Your Income

Most people live above their means without knowing it. They think that because they can pay their bills each month they are doing fine financially. The reality is however that you should be living on no more than 75% of your income and saving the rest. This figure should include any money that you pay in taxes each year.

If you are like the average person you are reading this and thinking that what I just wrote is impossible, but it is a sure way to save up for those rainy days and the truth is when you really start looking at your expenditures and break them up into what you actually need and what you want, you will find the need list is quite small. This should lead you to downsize and cut back but most importantly to realize that we simply spend too much unnecessarily. So instead of looking at this as a horrible exercise aimed at taking away all of your fun and comforts, instead view it as an approach toward simplicity. And remember, simplicity brings happiness.

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