The Moral of the Story: Take Responsibility for Your Actions

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An unfortunate reality of driving in today’s world is accounting for human error. Despite all of the safety precautions put in place or installed in vehicles these days, people can still have the capability of acting irrationally, making poor decisions that cause a situation to go from bad to worse.

Accidents happen; it’s simply part of being human. Most anyone will tell you the same thing. No one is perfect and people make mistakes. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment where mistakes could have been easily avoided with a little forethought or preventive action, mistakes lead to panic and poor decision-making.

Some speculate that hit-and-run incidents, for the most, do not start with any sort of malicious intent. Victims involved in hit-and-run accidents are just considered to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. People who flee the scenes may do so for various reasons, many of which do not even directly involve the accident itself.

Yes, accidents are awful and life-changing events. People often expect someone to pay for the damages enforced on an innocent bystander. And, in many cases, these sorts of circumstances might come to a resolution involving some degree of closure. But, there is a lot of possibilities going on in the other vehicle that may cause drivers to flee the scene: expired or suspended documentation that could lead to greater consequences if they were caught involved in an auto accident that simply should not have happened because they shouldn’t be on the road in the first place, for a start. Some drivers make the mistake of driving impaired, making poor decisions due simply to the influence of substances like alcohol or drugs.

Often, these conditions are left to little more than speculation for victims and the families involved. The default emotion is anger and grief with the lack of justice that can be dispensed on guilty parties, and these families are left to assume a number of possible scenarios. Were they or their loved one being targeted? Was there a specific reason behind the accident? Was it really as simple as a guilty party being careless with their responsibilities as a driver? The worst part is that these questions likely will never receive a proper answer in many cases.

These occurrences of hit-and-run accidents could often be easily avoided. In one particular case, a man attempted to flee the scene after he had already agreed to exchange information with the victim of a car accident. Although the reason was never disclosed, the man lost control of his vehicle that caused the deaths of two child passengers who weren’t even wearing any safety restraints. The driver and another passenger in the vehicle suffered injuries that left them in serious condition in the hospital.

These children lost their lives due simply to a man refusing to acknowledge his mistake in an accident for whatever reason. He put himself and a woman in the hospital because he was so desperate to avoid the consequences of his actions.

It’s easy to assume this man is a bad person without knowing the circumstances behind his actions. However, one has to wonder how badly the consequences of admitting to being in an auto accident would have been compared to seriously injuring himself and being responsible and charged with manslaughter of two young boys. Somehow, the guilt of exchanging insurance information seems like a less costly mistake to endure in the long run.

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