News Flash: Dont Sell Your Home Without Looking Into The Market First

When it comes to selling your home there are many factors you want to look into before you actually put that for sale sign in the front yard, and before you even determine the amount you might want to try to get for it. Selling your home may take a while, or your home may go quickly. These things can depend on the market and on your home and its location.

Do the research before you do much else. If you are going to go through a realtor, talk to them about concerns you may have about how long your house will sit on the market. Take some time to research online what the home market is looking like in your area. If people arent buying, or if theyre only buying for cheap, you may end up disappointed.

Are Homes Selling?

Look into how many homes are for sale around your area, and find out what the selling market has been like. When there is a buyers market on homes your house may sell fast, but you might not get what you wanted to out of the selling price. Its during times like this that people are buying but there are plenty of options for them.

So, if there are a lot of houses for sale in your area, and no sold signs recently added to any of them, this may not be the best time to put your on the market, unless youre just looking for a quick sale and dont care how much money youre going to get for it.

Does Your Place Need Some Work?

The shape your home is in can also determine how quickly it may sell and how much you might be able to get for it. While some people are fond of buying a fixer upper home, youre not going to get much money for it if theyre going to have to put a ton into make it a nice, livable home.

While you dont need to put in a bunch of money renovating your entire home just to sell it, you do want to make sure that the basics are covered. Shampoo the carpet if it has stains, wash the walls, and make sure all of the lighting fixture work and all of the sinks and drains work. The potential new owners may want to coat the whole place in new paint later anyway.

Whats Your Home Worth?

If you have a realtor coming in to help you will the selling of your home they will have some ability to let you know the worth of your home. However, you may want to get an appraisal done, especially if you have an older home or it has some sort of special features.

Dont just guess what your home is worth, find out. You may be surprised and be able to sell it for far more than you thought you could!

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