How To Pack Your Springtime Survival Kit

Winter may be nothing more than a cold memory but that doesn’t mean you’re prepared for the seasonal changeover. Mother Nature has a way of keeping us guessing even when it comes to spring. Last-minute flurries melt into week-long showers and dry cold air can chill even the sunniest days. Then the beginning of summer’s sun-drenched humidity creeps in to throw a wrench into the season’s weather matrix when you least expect it. Few can anticipate each day’s conditions correctly, resulting in many people hiding from the rain one day to soaking up the rays the next.

Bouncing back and forth can give you emotional and physical whiplash. Protect yourself by stocking up on your springtime survival kit. Need a little help getting started? Here are six simple additions to help you survive the spring with your sanity intact.

1. A waterproof jacket

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Rain, rain, and more rain – it’s what you can expect during the spring. You know the drill: April showers bring May flowers. Except, depending on where you live, these showers can continue all season long. Like in New York City, for example. Though May has the rainiest days on average in the Empire State City, the city sees increased amounts of daily precipitation from March to June.

It’s no fun getting caught in the downpour when you aren’t dressed for the weather. The North Face will always be a brand known for its waterproofing and wind protection. You can find a jacket like their Apex Flex GTX 2.0 which includes a three-layer GORE-TEX®to keep you dry and warm no matter the weather. GORE-TEX® is a breathable fabric membrane that’s completely impervious to rain, sleet, and snow, making it the perfect addition to your spring.

2. A pair of rainboots

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There’s nothing worse than arriving to work, lunch, or a date with soggy socks, but your toes will squelch in your shoes unless you invest in a pair of rain boots. Hunter, the brand that popularized the Wellington boot, is a great resource for your springtime footwear. They have a variety of styles for both men and women that are guaranteed to keep your toes dry – wherever your day takes you. From home to the office to a night on the town, you can find a pair that fits any look.

3. iPhone decals

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When the clouds open up, you slip into some Wellies and grab your umbrella, but you might not have the same priorities for your tech. You should, considering how often you send off a text or tap open Google Maps in the rain. The X needs protection from the elements! While you can’t commission Hunter to create a pair of Wellies for your smartphone, you can customize a unique iPhone decal from dbrand. They use premium 3M vinyl in all their designs to create a water-resistant covering around your device. And unlike vinyl rainboots, their decals can come in an amazing selection of colors and textures. Black camo, concrete, dragon skin, and bamboo are just some of the cool new skins for your iPhone X
offered on their website. When it comes to water-resistant skins iPhone owners can’t find anything more stylish.

4. A pair of gardening gloves

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Whether you’re focusing on a couple of potted plants, an urban balcony garden , or an entire backyard, spring is the perfect time to nurture your green thumb. Nature is just waking up after its long a nap through winter, and it needs your help to reach its full potential by the time summer arrives.

Stock up on your gardening tools, so you can perform basic maintenance, sow seeds, and build beds for flowers and vegetables. A good pair of gardening gloves is a great addition to this toolkit. A pair like Handmaster Bella Comfort Flex
protects your hands from prickly weeds like nettles and the drying properties of earth, all while improving your grip in a snug, flexible fit. For other essential accessories, check in with this guide

5. A good sunblock

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After months spent binge-watching shows like Stranger Things and the Santa Clarita Diet , you might not be familiar with that bright orb in the sky. (It’s the sun, by the way). Neither is your skin, hidden as it was under several layers any time you did leave the house during the winter. Though the springtime months rarely see the same UV levels as the summer, it can still be a harsh time for your skin- even while it’s raining. Keep it protected from the sun’s rays whatever the weather with a good sunblock that has an SPF of 30 or more. Consumer Reports rates Coppertone WaterBabies Lotion SPF 50 as a great all-purpose cheap sunscreen. This might not be the best addition to your beauty routine, as many people find the Coppertone lotion as sticky or greasy on their face. To keep your face protected and comfortable, check out a sunscreen
formulated for your face, like La Roche-PosayAnthelio 50 Tinted Mineral Ultra Fluid Sunscreen.

Spring is a step up from winter, thanks to its brighter days and higher temperatures, but that doesn’t mean the season is kind. Make sure you’re prepared for the new season by stocking your springtime survival kit.

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