Ten Things You Should Do Before Purchasing A Used Motorcycle

If you adore motorcycles and have finally saved enough money to purchase the used motorcycle of your dreams, you might want to step back for a moment. The idea of riding a motorbike with the wind whipping past your helmet is exciting, but you must take considerations into account to ensure you aren’t making a bad decision. This article will provide information on the ten things you should do before purchasing a used motorcycle.

Tip #1: Decide Which Type Of Motorbike Suits Your Specific Lifestyle

Every person lives a specific type of lifestyle, and every motorcyclist has specific plans for their bike; therefore, you need to choose a motorbike that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you have plans for long-distance adventures on the bike, then you may benefit from a touring model to make the journey a comfortable one. On the other hand, if you prefer short rides you could be more suited to a sport motorbike. Before making a commitment, it is recommended that you evaluate your riding needs and research the different models that would suit your requirements.

Tip #2: Researching The Value Of The Used Motorcycle You Are Considering

In addition to well-known motorcycle resources, such as NADAguides and Kelley Blue Book, which offer market pricing; you might want to see what models are available to purchase in your local area at Next Ride used motorcycles in Tampa. Why not review local classifieds for used motorbikes or visit online vehicles pricing and sales websites. These websites provide thousands of customizable motorbike advertisements nationwide on a daily basis, so you are sure to find something interesting.

Tip #3: Researching Available And Insurance Cost Before Making A Purchase

One of the most difficult types of auto insurance to acquire is motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance is based on a plethora of factors, such as the model or type of motorbike purchased and the frequency of use. Before making a purchase, it is recommended that you speak to an insurance agent to review your insurance options along with associated costs. You may discover that buying a used motorcycle is far more costly than initially considered.

Tip #4: Deciding Where To Buy

When purchasing the motorbike, you need to consider whether you will use a franchised dealership, an independent dealership, or purchase from a private seller. To make this decision, it is advised that you evaluate the different benefits and drawbacks of each alternative. Many people opt for dealerships because they allow people to trade in motorbikes and offer ‘pre-owned’ certifications. Moreover, dealerships offer a wider variety from which to choose with more protection than buying a bike from a private seller. In some cases, there is the chance of tax deductions should you trade-in on the motorbike. Unfortunately, dealerships are often more costly than private sellers.

Tip #5: Inspecting The Motorcycle Before Purchase

Needless to say, it is important that you inspect the motorbike before making a final purchase. The goal is to know what you are spending money on and whether it is worthwhile. Unless you have knowledge of motorcycles, it is recommended that you contact a qualified mechanic to review the bike for you. It is crucial that a thorough inspection is performed as one missed problem could result in you paying additional repair costs.

Tip #6: Test Driving The Bike

The test drive is your one opportunity to ensure you are not purchasing a motorbike that is beyond your experience or skill level. For example, high-performance motorcycles should not be driven and purchased by beginner riders. The test drive will also offer you a chance to ensure the bike “fits” your body. You do not want to buy a bike that is too large or too small for your body as this will be uncomfortable to ride, as well as making it difficult to maneuver and control.

Tip #7: Requesting A Service History

Well cared for motorcycles tend to present with files of maintenance receipts. When purchasing a motorbike, it is important that you review these records. This will help you determine how well the bike is taken care of and whether or not there are mechanical issues you should consider.

Tip #8: Researching The Title History

While this is not an essential element when purchasing a used motorcycle, it is recommended that you research the bike’s title history. This can be done by performing a title history search on any motorcycle vehicle history report website. The history reports can be beneficial as they offer access to complaints, recalls, and investigations made during the year. It should be noted that dealerships will often assist you with paperwork when you purchase used motorbikes from their franchises.

Tip #9: Making The Offer

Once you have found the used motorcycle you wish to purchase, and have performed research regarding its history and condition, it is time to make the offer. There are four different prices you could consider making at this time.

The first price offer is known as the asking price. What price does the seller want for their motorcycle? The second offer is known as the highest price. It is important to decide your budget in advance and identify the most money you will be willing to spend on a motorbike based on the research. You do not want to experience buyer’s remorse by spending more than you needed to on the used motorcycle.

The third price offer is the target price and this is the number you want to pay for the motorbike. It is the amount you are comfortable with and you feel is a reasonable offer. Finally, the offer price should be lower than the target price allowing you to negotiate without insulting the seller.

Tip #10: Taking The Motorcycle Safety Course

Before purchasing a used motorcycle, it is important that you are a safe driver. This means that you should take the motorcycle safety course as this will make you a better driver. Moreover, it could lower your insurance rate, particularly if you are already an experienced motorcyclist.

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