The Coolest Furnished Apartments in New York 2019

When it comes to cool apartments, a lot is going to depend on your taste. Are you looking for something edgy in a busy a vibrant area? Or, are you looking for some of those coveted park views?

Whatever it is, here is a quick look at some of the coolest furnished apartments in New York right now and a little about why they make the cut.


Much like the name suggests, this is nestled in the heart of Manhattan. Straight away the most obvious reason you’ll want to be here is the stunning closeness to some of the most popular attractions in NYC. If you love to be in among the hustle and bustle, there might not be a better place in the world. Home to what might be considered the city’s best shopping experience, as well as Times Square, Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre – it’s ultra cool. If you don’t want to be indulging in any of those that head over to what is known as Hell’s Kitchen. It’s vibrant, bust, fantastic nightlife and the MOMA is there.

Apartment wise? Check this out.

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488 Seventh Avenue 9G

Soho & Lower East Side.

Lower East Side used to be the hot spot for newly arrived immigrants many moons ago, but now it is thriving and plays host to some of the sleekest bars and restaurants in the city. It still has excellent reminders of what it once was with street markets and delis which is a great way to soak up some local culture too.

As for Soho, which is actually short for South of Houston Street was heavily industrial in previous years. Which is why the buildings, are quite frankly, beautiful and full of history. This is an excellent place if you are looking for the nightlife of NYC without the main attractions being too close.

Young, trendy, awesome.

If you need somewhere to rest your head after all of that check this place out for the Lower East Side

The Coolest Furnished Apartments in New York 2019 2

77 Ludlow Street 3S

Upper East Side

Peaceful, serene, and overflowing with culture. If you dig art galleries and feeling a little bit on the luxurious side, then this is for you. The Guggenheim and the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) are both here. What makes it something a little extra special is the fact it runs parallel to the glorious Central Park.

If you are in the mood to spend out and have that high-class NYC experience then either Upper East Side or, the opposite side of the park Upper West Side is going to be ideal. Upper West Side home to the Natural History Museum and Lincoln Centre.

Upper West Side –

The Coolest Furnished Apartments in New York 2019 3

210 West 70th Street 609

Upper East Side –

The Coolest Furnished Apartments in New York 2019 4

View From 198 West 89th Street 12N


Although many people have a pretty gritty image of Harlem, you might be surprised to find that it is the location that the old meets the new. It is a hub for the rich African-American culture and is home to the First Corinthian Baptist Church which is
breathtaking. You will be hard pushed to beat the vibrancy of this location.

The local cafes and restaurants serve up a delectable mix of food, and the street vendors pretty much sell anything you can imagine.


For the free-spirited soul, Chelsea is super boho. Having a healthy mix of antique markets, cute and quirky cafes and pop up boutiques. The location stunning and it rivals some of the much more expensive areas when it comes to night time city skyline views. Another huge perk is the almost excessive 200+ art galleries packed into the surrounding area. The fine dining is nothing to be sniffed at either.

Ready to indulge in art? This is the apartment for you –

The Coolest Furnished Apartments in New York 2019 5

101 West 15th Street 516

Little Italy

Potentially one of the best combinations in the world – Italian food in America. Not only is it stunning to take a stroll around, due to its authentic Italian feel, but the restaurants are divine. If you have a love of all things Mafia movie related, then you will be right at home here. Although as it’s popularity grows you’re likely to bump into just as many tourists and locals. If you are a bit of a festival buff, then September will be the perfect time for you to go for the San Gennaro Festival. The San Gennaro Festival has plenty of free music and more cannoli than you can shake a stick at. It’s one of the oldest running street celebrations that NYC has and shouldn’t be missed.

This place in Tribeca is close enough to smell the pasta, and head to the Westfield World Trade Centre too.

The Coolest Furnished Apartments in New York 2019 6

105 Duane Street 18H

When it comes to the coolest apartments in New York, you should be looking for something furnished. It’s the chicest way to feel like a New Yorker for the duration of your stay.

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