Shipping Your Car?? Here’s What You Need to Know

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You are probably moving to a different country or across the other side of the country, and you are wondering what to do about your car. To some people, their cars are very dear to them and they have difficulty parting with it which is why they will take any measures to bring the car with them. Fortunately for those people, there is a solution that exists that is car shipment. However, since this is your car that you are shipping, you should be aware of the smallest details possible.

  • The risk will depend on your way of shipment

The options you have are shipping your car in either an open or enclosed trailer. Even though open trailers might be cheap, they are more prone to being stolen, being damaged because of the open air and also will be out in the open in case of bad weather conditions. The chains that the companies use for open trailers will cause a heavy strain on the cars but they have to be tight enough so they don’t hit the car itself throughout the journey. On the other hand, enclosed trailers are much safer, and you really don’t have to worry about damage due to weather conditions or even theft. You will get both of these options from a lot of companies such as, and your prices will vary accordingly.

  • Doing your homework

People don’t take this step as seriously as they should. But it is highly imperative that people do their research on each company before they decide to take any decisions. You should ask around, look at the reviews on the websites, and look at the competitors to see what services they are offering. Remember, you are trusting the company with your car so you need to be sure of everything before you decide to go for it.

  • Deposits

If your company is asking you for a deposit, this is a red flag because reputable and good companies don’t ask for one. They usually just ask for a full payment after the car is shipped. So, if your company is asking you for a deposit, we advise you to change your mind about the company.

  • Don’t base your decision on just the price

Be aware that the cheapest price is not usually the best choice or even the safest one. In fact, if the price is very cheap that should alert you in someway, because this service is an expensive one. The companies use extremely expensive equipment in order to get your car from one point to the other. So a very low price is a red flag.

  • Prepping your car

Before your car is shipped, make sure you make the necessary preparations so that it gets to the other place safely without any damage. Usually car companies require you to have the tank empty and the battery charged to avoid any spillages.

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