Top 7 Most Durable Types of Showerheads

Wanting a very good and durable showerhead is amazing. Either for a fix/replacement or a total purchase for a new installation, it is best to go for the most durable rain showerheads. The bathroom is an important part of the home and it requires all the luxury that you can offer it to make your usage or bath experience to be an amazing one. A graceful bathroom is one that has a good and classic showerhead with a matching pair of bathroom faucets. Here are the top seven most durable types of showerheads:

1. Lima Stainless steel shower set with a concealed mixer:

It is a cod/hot water control shower set with a contemporary design with dual handles. It has a polished surface and a ceramic valve core material. It has both the fixed, wall-mount showerhead and a pullout bath faucet option. The functionality and the durability are alluring with its laser printed dials and easy turn-left-or right valve for hot or cold water option.

2. 12 Inch Gold Tone Square Multi Color LED Rain Shower Head

Knowing of the therapeutic ability of LED, this plumbing-technology offers a ceiling-mount LED rain showerhead that is fuelled with water by a hidden dynamo. It is a rain showerhead of the epic 304 stainless steel. The water pressure coursing through the showerhead is superb. You can add an exquisite look to your bathroom with this gold-toned showerhead with accompanying gold bathroom faucets.

3. Naples Wall mount Square LED Showerhead

This shower set consists of LED showerhead with a shower diverter and a tub spout with a solid brass polish for durability and reliability. The LED changes its color based on the temperature of the water. It is energy-conservative, as it requires no electricity or battery -just water flow. It is easy to clean and has drip-free ceramic disc valves with a smooth surface. This rain showerhead uses a massage pulsating spray system.

4. Juno 24” LED showerhead and thermostatic shower valve set:

This massive showerhead is tested to be durable and leak-proof. Though weighty, it is solid brass set with a ceramic valve. It has a thermostatic design that requires no need for temperature adjustment. It has a ¾” outlet connection to the pipe. The modern design is classic with a polished chrome finish. It can accommodate water temperatures between 50 and 800C. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

5. 20” Nickle Round showerhead

The appearance of this showerhead is warm and classy. The amazing LED lights hint you of the water temperature so that you won’t be scalded. It has an ominous application, as it can fit into any type of socket threading. With a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, there is no dull bath moment. It optimizes a modern design and brass coating for durability.

6. 16 Inch Gold-Tone, Round, Rain Showerhead

You can go for the simple, traditional type of shower by going for this option. You can fix it as ceiling-mount or wall-mount. You can control the pressure, which is fully set at 2.5GPM. It is sourced from stainless steel with a guaranteed lasting.

7. Billa Rainfall showerhead

This classic design shower is easy to install at an adjustable height. It has a bronze touch and a single handle shower set. It adds interior beauty to your home and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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