Tutor Time? 5 Reasons It’s Time to Hire a Math Tutor

In a study conducted in 2016, only about 37% of public school students who took the (CAASPP) exam met or exceeded their grade-level standard in basic mathematics. In a 2014 report, the US ranked 11th in grade 4 math assessments on an international field.

Those aren’t good numbers.

Keep in mind that while it may appear as a tough subject to many, mathematics instills workplace readiness. It’s also the basis for college admission.

If your child struggles with math, and the numbers indicate many children do, consider getting the aid of a math tutor to help them in their growth. Here are five reasons why it is a good idea to do so:

1. A Math Tutor Sets a Foundation

You need to start early when your child struggles with math. By hiring a math tutor for kids, you can help set a foundation for learning math and its principles. Core concepts and operations are among the things they will learn, as well as counting.

By setting the foundation, it will be easier for them to learn complex principles as they go. This should push them ahead in their academics.

2. Provides a One-on-One Instruction

By hiring a math tutor to help your child, you also grant them a more focused method of learning. This way, the child can learn at their own pace, letting them play with their strengths. The tutor can also gauge the student’s progress in studying.

This allows for a personalized approach to learning. The tutor can match the lessons to the needs of the student in this manner.

3. Constant Guidance and Assessment

Aside from expert guidance, the math tutor can monitor the student’s progress in a more intensified manner. They can check the student on a regular basis and see where they have shortcomings and pitfalls on certain areas and principles. This way, the tutor can address these shortcomings.

Also, math tutoring can also aid your child to prepare for standardized math tests.

4. Helps Build Confidence

There are times where the student struggles in asking for help in the classroom. With a math tutoring session, the student gains an avenue to seek help in the subject by asking questions and clarifications.

Also, by being able to understand these mathematical principles, the student gains confidence in the classroom. It gives them something to be proud of, boosting their self-esteem in the process.

5. Reduce Homework Struggles

The child will be able to go through math homework without any hassles as they can now understand the principles.

This is because math tutors have alternative approaches to help the child grasp the core concepts of each basic math. You can check out Thinkster Math Tutoring to discover more.

Have your child improve on their math skills while you can look at how to build and jumpstart your creativity.

Enrich Your Child’s Math Skills Today!

When it comes to struggles in your child’s academics, especially with mathematics, address those shortcomings while they are young. Take advantage of their receptivity to learn by hiring a math tutor. This way, they can catch up and understand math as a simple

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