What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do

A personal injury lawyer specializes in representing people who claim to have received physical or mental injuries resulting from the negligence of another person or entity. That entity can be a company or government agency, as long as they are responsible for the person’s trauma.

A personal injury attorney does their best to make sure that the afflicted individual is properly compensated by the entity that caused their injury, This compensation includes paying for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to their injury. That is the most basic definition of what a personal injury lawyer does, but there is more to their job than just this simple explanation.

What Kinds of Personal Injuries Do The Attorneys Cover?

The term, personal injury, may seem rather specific and narrow, but it is actually a large category that covers a wide variety of cases, such as the following:

Slip and fall accidents – These can happen anywhere, from a supermarket, to a hospital, to a construction site, and they are typically the result of negligence by someone on the property where the accident occurred. However, the owner of the property is the one who is liable for the injury suffered by the individual.

Vehicular accidents – An accident caused by a reckless driver can be severely traumatic and leave the injured person with significant expenses. Regardless of whether that accident involves a car, motorcycle, or truck, a personal injury attorney will make sure that the affected individual receives the proper compensation. This is especially important in accidents involving commercial trucking companies because they have legal teams representing them, so the injured individual should retain an attorney to help them.

Medical malpractice – This is when a patient suffers a serious injury because of the negligence of a doctor, hospital staff member, or any other health care professional. A personal injury lawyer is essential in cases of medical malpractice because the hospital or medical center will have powerful lawyers representing their interests.

Defective products – If a product ends up causing an injury to the person who was using it as intended, then the manufacturer of the product can be held accountable for any compensation needed by the injured person.

Wrongful death – Any of the previously listed personal injury causes could result in death. If that is the case, then the person or company responsible should be held liable. In addition to receiving the proper punishment according to the personal injury law in Florida, the responsible party should also pay for the funeral expenses as well as compensate the family members of the deceased for any psychological damage caused by the death of a loved one.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Represents Their Client

A personal injury lawyer in Florida, or any other state, will first consult with the injured party to determine if they have a valid case. Once they have decided that the case is worth pursuing, the attorney will then identify any possible legal claims that can be made in the case; they will also work on finding additional defendants to help support the case.

Personal injury attorneys charge their clients via flat rate fees, hourly fees, or contingency fees, but most lawyers use the latter, that way the attorney’s fee is only paid if the case is successful. The contingency fee is usually a reasonable percentage of the client’s settlement claim.

Get The Right Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Case

A personal injury can have both short term and long term consequences so it is important that anyone hurt by a personal injury retains an attorney as soon as possible. A personal injury attorney in Winter Park, and other Florida locations, will help victims of negligence receive the compensation they need and deserve.

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