Revealed: CIA Was Training Ukrainian Snipers to Target Russian Soldiers

The deep involvement of American intelligence as part of the globalist deep state activities against Russia are coming to surface each passing day. After Ukraine’s biological labs run by American military and Hunter Biden linked firms were exposed, now the CIA has been revealed as running an anti-Russian military operation in Ukraine.

CIA training Ukraine
Image by Dennis Trevisan from Pixabay

CIA Secret Training Program

This morning, Yahoo News published an exclusive story by National Security Correspondent Zach Dorfman to reveal that the CIA has been running a secret training program in Ukraine since as early as 2014. According to the story, the CIA program provided special training to Ukrainian snipers that would enable them to shoot Russian soldiers with greater success.

To achieve this, as the story goes, the CIA paramilitaries taught their “Ukrainian counterparts” sniper techniques and operate military equipment supplied by the United States. Ukrainians were also trained on “drawing out Russian and insurgent forces from their positions.” Citing “senior intelligence officials” the story writes:

U.S. officials previously denied to Yahoo News that the CIA training programs were ever offensively oriented.

However, these revelations about the secret CIA activities in Ukraine provide credence to Russia’s defense-related concerns and President Putin’s main demand for ending Russia’s military operation – Ukraine must demilitarize.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration and the leftist-globalist establishment are presenting the Ukrainian president as a hero and President Putin as a villain while egging Ukraine on to escalate war against Russia.

In Ukraine, Russia’s military operation continues and the Ukrainian military is targeting Russian soldiers. This evening, Russia Today reported that Ukraine accused Russia of an airstrike targeting a theatre in Mariupol. But the Russian Defense Ministry has denied the claim and in turn accused Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion of blowing up the theatre building where it was holding civilians hostage. Major-General Igor Konashenkov was cited as saying:

The Russian military was aware of reports that “Azov” militants had kept civilians inside the theater as human shields, and did not consider the building a target for airstrikes for that reason.

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