Did You Watch That? 4 Effective Tips on How to Make Videos That Get Views

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Every day, Internet users watch over one billion hours of video on YouTube alone. By 2021, video content will drive 80 percent of all traffic!

However, as much as these stats are fleeting, it doesn’t necessarily mean your videos will attract millions of views. You have to get a number of elements spot on for your videos to stand a chance.

Keep reading to learn how to make videos that will get views.

1. Know Your Audience

The making of a successful video begins long before cameras start rolling. It starts with your audience.

As such, the first thing you should do is to research and understand your target viewers.

What kind of content do they like to watch? What’s the average amount of time they spend watching digital videos? On what devices do they watch videos?

Once you have answers to these questions, it’s easier to develop video content that matches your audience’s tastes and preferences.

For instance, if the message in your upcoming video is intended for baby boomers, you have to know that YouTube is their preferred choice. If you plan to post it on Instagram, you’ll only be setting it up for failure.

2. Get Production Quality Spot On

The availability of smartphones capable of shooting top quality footage means just about anyone can make fairly decent social videos.

However, it takes more than just powerful cameras to make a quality video.

If you have no video production experience, it’s best to avoid going the DIY path. Stakes are especially higher when you’re making a video to promote your brand. Poorly-produced clips can harm your online reputation.

It’s advisable to hire experts to take care of every aspect of video production. They have all the necessary equipment, from cameras to studio lights, and the skills to set the right backdrop for your video.

3. Edit Before Publishing

Experts say a social video should be no longer than two minutes.

This means you have to edit out some parts of the footage and add a range of effects to make it aesthetically pleasing.

One of the things you need to work on at this stage is the video thumbnail. This is a reduced version of your video that gives viewers a glimpse of what the content is about. It requires some skills, but an online thumbnail maker can make things easier.

Bear in mind that if you choose to hire video production experts, they should take care of the editing part too.

4. Optimize Your Videos for Social Media

The last thing to do before your video goes live is to optimize it for the social media platform you intend to post on. Optimization makes the video easily discoverable and also briefly describes its content.

If you’re posting on YouTube, for instance, make sure the title includes the keyword you’re targeting and is no more than a few words long. The description and tags should be short and precise.

You can also upload a transcript or use closed captions.

That’s How to Make Videos That Grab Attention

Learning how to make videos takes time, but it’s important to get it right from your first video. Most Internet users are hard to impress – a low-quality video is enough to push them away from your brand.

With this guide, you now know what it takes to create a video that can hit and even surpass the one million mark.

Happy shooting! And while at it, check out these new video production technologies.

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