Home Upgrades That Help Sell

Investing in your home to help increase its value is one of the best ways to get a return on your investment. But before you start planning all the changes you’re going to make to your house; you should know not all home improvements are the same. There are a variety of improvements you can make to your house that preserves its value. The improvements you make should be personal, but not so personal that they border eclectic tastes. It’s okay to have personal style, but home improvements like swimming pools and ponds often rarely return any value on the investment spent to create them. Some home improvements add just as much value to the home as they take to install, but these are great for maintaining the value of your home, such as additional bathrooms, a Stiltz residential elevator, and kitchen improvements. To create value-added home improvements, you should keep these tips in mind.

Open Space

Modern home buyers are looking for homes that seem open with plenty of space. Removing kitchen islands and opening the space can do wonders for picky buyers who want an open concept. Many home buyers are looking for spaces where the living area bleeds into the kitchen. A moveable kitchen island can help replace any lost storage space with the added benefit that it can be moved around as needed.

Curb Appeal

Your buyer’s first impression of the home is what they see when they arrive. Unkempt bushes and exterior surfaces can give your buyers a bad first impression. Try to make sure your home exterior is clean and landscaped, including the trees. Dead branches and untrimmed bushes are often the things homeowners forget when trying to spruce up curb appeal. If you plan on painting the house or getting new siding, you should probably look at any foliage in the yard to make sure it is well kept, too. Even focusing on the garage by putting a fresh coat of paint on the door can do wonders compared to the appearance of being tiresome.

Go Green

Green efficiency is another excellent way to keep value in your home by making it self-sustaining. Old heating and air conditioning systems are much less efficient than modern systems designed in the last five to ten years. You could pay more up front for the cost of installation but make it back over the next few years before you sell. Even if full solar power isn’t an option where you live, a solar-powered water heater could save upwards of 80% on water heating bills.

Entry Way

Don’t discount how appealing your entryway can inviting to new buyers. It’s the place guests, and you interact with nearly every day that faces the outside door. Most realtors say that people make up their minds about a house within the first ten seconds upon entering a house. Make sure your entryway is inviting and features plenty of storage for coats, shoes, boots, and other outdoor footwear. Buyers want a good entryway sheltered from the elements, too.

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