Let’s Go Brandon Stores Open in MA

After the widespread popularity of Let’s Go Brandon in stadiums and rap songs, the anti-Biden slogan has become the name of stores opening in various cities in the northeast. Multiple Let’s Go Brandon stores have opened in Massachusetts over the past week.

Let's Go Brandon stores
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Let’s Go Brandon Stores in MA Towns

Patch.com reported on December 8 that Let’s Go Brandon stores have opened across Massachusetts (MA). Locations in which the stores have opened include Bellingham, Easton, Hanson, Somerset, and North Attleboro. The story wrote:

All stores sell the same merchandise, including hats, flags, hooded sweatshirts, t-shirts, soda bottles, and much more.

A BitChute video showed people shopping at one of the Let’s Go Brandon stores in MA, saying it’s selling apparel like hot cakes.

The opening of the first Let’s Go Brandon store in Massachusetts was reported from North Attleboro. Fox Business reported on December 5th the store’s opening. The story noted that the store was right near the border of MA and RI but it wasn’t clear if a similar LGB store was opening in Providence area.

Let’s Go Brandon Merchandise Online

Before Let’s Go Brandon stores opened to sell stuff on location, merchandise with the slogan had already become immensely popular and was selling well online. Newsweek reported that after Walmart removed multiple third-party online listings of LGB items, Amazon advertised multiple products carrying the anti-Biden slogan around Thanksgiving.

A search on Amazon also revealed that the company was also selling merchandise that includes that acronym “FJB,” as well as items that openly display the explicit phrases “F**k Joe Biden” or “F**k Biden.”

The online store Redbubble has a good stock of Let’s Go Brandon merchandise ranging from clothing to wall decorations and cell phone covers. The store that started in Melbourne, Australia, in 2006 has now stores in Berlin and San Francisco and works with 700,000 independent artists across the world.

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