Chris Cuomo’s CNN Producer Arrested for Soliciting Minors for Sex

Hardly a week after CNN fired its star anchor Chris Cuomo for his role in his brother Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal, the FBI has arrested a CNN producer for soliciting minors for sex. The accused John Griffin worked shoulder to shoulder with Chris Cuomo at CNN.

CNN producer John Griffin arrested
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Charges against CNN Producer John Griffin

The New York Post reported today that the FBI arrested CNN producer John Griffin of Stamford, CT, on Friday for luring minor girls into “sexual training” by inviting them to his ski house in Vermont. The story cited an indictment from the US Attorney of Vermont whereby Griffin is known to have used messaging apps to tell moms of underage girls that he would train their daughters sexually at his ski house.

John Griffin, of Stamford, CT, allegedly used messaging apps to befriend and persuade moms of young girls, telling them “a woman is a woman regardless of her age”.

Citing the Justice Department as its source, Russia Today reported that in June last year, Griffin paid $3,000 to a woman to bring her 9-year-old daughter from Nevada to Boston by plane. From Boston, Griffin drove the mother and daughter to his Vermont house in Ludlow where the 9-year-old was made to engage in sexual activity.

The story reported that Griffin, a pedophile, also sexually targeted two other minor girls, one online and one for meeting in person. If convicted, Griffin faces a sentence of at least 10 years to lifetime in prison on each count.

CNN’s Statement and Media’s Silence

In response to the arrest of its producer over accusations of solicitation of minors for sex, CNN was cited on Russia Today as:

We only learned of his arrest this afternoon and have suspended him pending investigation.

The left-wing media sources, meanwhile, have observed a collective blackout on the story of Griffin’s arrest.

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