Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors’ Employees Blocked Nationwide

Biden’s vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors was blocked yesterday in a new ruling by a federal judge, striking another blow to the left-wing administration’s agenda of imposing COVID-19 vaccination on millions of people across the country.

New Ruling on Mandate for Federal Contractors

U.S. News reported that U.S. District Judge Stan Baker of Georgia issued the ruling that blocks Biden’s vaccine mandate for employees of federal contractors. The ruling says that the mandate was imposed without clear authorization from the congress. The lawsuit was jointly filed against the mandate by a trade group for building contractors and multiple states including Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia.

Reporting on the ruling, The Blaze cited Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr as:

We will continue to stand up for the rule of law to protect our state and our citizens from this unconstitutional and unprecedented federal overreach.

Becker’s Hospital Review wrote that Judge Baker, while issuing the nationwide preliminary injunction, emphasized preserving the rule of law even amidst pandemics. He wrote that all branches of the government must act within their constitutional boundaries. The story adds that a similar ruling had recently blocked the mandate in three states.

The injunction effectively expanded a separate order issued Nov. 30 by a federal court in Kentucky that temporarily halted the vaccine rules for federal contractors in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

Federal Contractors
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Policy of Punishment for Unvaccinated

Biden’s vaccine mandate threatens millions of Americans with losing their job if they refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccines by January 4th at the latest. The leftist political policy of vaccine mandates is also seen in state-level mandates in some left-ruling states, notably California and New York.

In Nevada, ruled by a Democrat governor, the government last week announced punishing the unvaccinated state workers with a $55 monthly surcharge. DuAne Young, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s policy director, was cited commenting that the cost for the burden of COVID-19 testing should be shouldered on those who refuse to take the vaccines.

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