The Difference In Electricity Rates Throughout the US

One of the unique characteristics about the United States is that despite it being so big geographically, and despite it being so populous, it is still one country, united. However, that doesn’t mean that different parts of the country do not have significant differences. Some of these can be cultural while others may just be the seasonal weather. One difference that recently went viral in a post on Reddit is the difference in the electricity rates throughout the country, both commercial and electric.

According to the post from Elite Fixtures, the company that put the map together, these are the recent average rates, taken from government data and utility companies. They took the rates from zip codes all across the country and averaged them out to get the price displayed on the map. Then, they ranked the most expensive states and the least expensive for both commercial and residential rates.

Some of the results were not what might be expected. Others definitely fit the bill, so to speak. Hawaii and Alaska were ranked as the two most expensive states for electricity for both rates. Hawaii often comes in as the most expensive state in general. Things like housing, groceries, and transportation are all much pricier in the island state. It would make sense then that their electricity rates would follow suit. As renewable energy becomes more popular, perhaps their rates will shift down in the future.

One interesting state that Elite Fixtures pointed out in their post is Vermont. They noted that Vermont came in as the third most expensive state for both rates. They said that one of the reasons is because New England doesn’t have access to many fossil fuels. However, while rates are high, the average power bill in Vermont is below the national average.

Nevada had the lowest rates out of any state for both commercial and residential. Washington and Oregon were also in the five least expensive. In fact, many states in the western part of the country had below average rates.

The United States has a number of differences between regions and areas of the country. One of those differences is how electricity rates vary so much. The New England area has high rates, as does California. But other western states have fairly low rates, including Nevada, which comes in as the least expensive. It’s clear that a number of factors, such as access to fossil fuels and taxes, play a significant role in how much people pay for power.

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