End Citizens United Is Looking To Hold Rick Scott Accountable For Illegal Financing Violations

Thanks to the infamous decision by the United States Supreme Court in 2010 to support Citizens United’s interests in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, political campaign financing was essentially deregulated, effectively allowing political access committees to grow to gargantuan sizes.

With sole credit due to the aforementioned Supreme Court ruling, so-called super PACs, as long as they operate independently of the political candidates they support, more or less became able to collect endless financing from private high net-worth individuals, nonprofit organizations, corporate interests, and anybody or anything else with a deep-enough pocketbook.

The hard-working people of the United States are steadily losing the ability to make splashes in federal- and state-level politics thanks to Citizens United making United States politics a greenback-filled crap-show.

Although the United States of America’s political system is officially organized as a democratic republic, politics have effectively turned oligarchical – oligarchies are governments in which small groups have significant power – in recent years.

One organization has put its best foot forward in the name of forcing big money out of our nation’s politics; that organization is End Citizens United, a political action committee created in 2015 as a direct response to the profound effects that Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission had on American politics.

Rick Scott has recently found himself at the business end of End Citizens United – but why?

Rick Scott is a lifelong attorney that has served the United States state of Florida as Governor since 2011. According to all signs currently available, many believe that Scott is gearing up for a full-fledged run at earning a spot in the United States Senate through one of Florida’s two Senatorial seats.

Though the connection isn’t blatantly obvious to the layman, let’s learn where exactly current Florida Governor Rick Scott has gone wrong, where End Citizens United hopes to correct such wrongdoings, and why End Citizens United feels so strongly about the cause it stands for.

Let’s venture back 21 years to 1997

Mr. Scott was once the Chief Executive Officer of Columbia HCA, a long-running corporate network of hospitals and other medical facilities all across the United States of America – its full name is Columbia Hospital Corporation of America.

In March 1997, Rick Scott’s Columbia HCA was shaken by a trio of government agencies – the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Uncle Sam’s very own Internal Revenue Service – that collectively had mountains of evidence that proved Columbia HCA had regularly defrauded the government to make more money from insurance claims.

Scott resigned from his chair at CEO just eight short days after initial allegations surfaced after the aforementioned trio conducted countless searches via federal search warrants on March 19, 1997. The company was required to fork over $1.7 billion – adjusted for inflation in terms of 2018 dollars – with many convictions pinned to the company Rick Scott oversaw.

Just two months ago, news broke a political access committee that Scott was the chairman of raked in donations of roughly $3 million. Not so bad, right?

Considering that such conduct was 100% illegal, it doesn’t make sense that Rick Scott has skurted away without punishment. End Citizens United hopes to bring justice to Florida and the federal political system by pinning Scott to his wrongdoings.

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