Fatal Crash Leaves Unidentified Indiana Woman Dead

Early in the morning on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend a man named Rahsul Valentine, from Lafayette, Indiana was arrested on active warrants after his car hit and killed an unidentified woman walking on I-65. Indiana State Police reported that the woman was struck and killed one mile south of the Remington exit, at about 2:30 a.m on September 2.

This latest fatality comes not long after new legislation went into effect in Indiana with the goal of reducing traffic accidents and fatalities which have been on the rise in the state since 2015. The new traffic laws seek to reverse this worrisome trend and to make the roads safer for all who travel the state’s roadways, explain Langer & Langer personal injury and car accident attorneys practicing in Indiana.

The 26 year old driver was traveling in his 2007 Mercury Sable southbound in the left lane when his car hit something with the passenger side of his vehicle. Valentine initially thought he had struck a deer, according to police reports.

The crash resulted in Valentine losing control of the car. It careened off the highway and onto the shoulder before coming to a stop in a ditch next to the road. As a result of the impact from the car’s fender, the victim – who was walking on the side of the road – was thrown through the passenger side windshield of the car. Valentine and a passenger were not hurt.

When police and emergency rescue personnel arrived, they were forced to declare the woman dead at the scene. The woman had no identification or other belongings on her person and no clues as to the identity of the woman were revealed after a wide search of the area. Authorities are now appealing to the public for help in identifying the victim described as a black woman in her 20s, with no shoes and several tattoos, who weighed less than 100 pounds.

Valentine was arrested on the spot after police discovered that there were three active warrants on him for several charges. He was also cited for operating as a habitual traffic offender and operating a motor vehicle never having been licensed. The active warrants for his arrest included a failure to appear in court on a domestic battery/criminal recklessness charge out of Howard County; a charge of operating as a habitual traffic offender out of Madison County; and charges of operating as a habitual traffic offender and resisting an officer, issued by the Lafayette Police Department.

Valentine was taken to the Jasper County Jail in Rensselaer, Indiana and a toxicology report is pending.

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