January Is The Best Time To Find Discounts On Luxury Cars

January is a quiet month for car dealerships. It’s all in the numbers, and in January, the numbers just don’t turn out to buy vehicles. January is a tough month for just about every business, with retail and hospitality struggling to make ends meet in the first month of the year. With Christmas bills to pay off, everyone is back to work after the holidays and putting off spending sprees. Car dealerships are no exception to the January slowdown, and car sales take a considerable hit compared to other months. With dealerships quiet, that’s the perfect time to negotiate a better price on your new automobile.

December is well-known for its great deals on car sales as dealerships rush to meet sales quotas. If you’re looking for a luxury vehicle though, January is an even better. End-of-year bargain hunters are in to find the best deal, so they often go for more affordable models and vehicles with fewer features. By January, once the cheaper cars have been picked over, luxury vehicles are the leftovers and dealers turn their attention to moving the more expensive vehicles they have. That means you can find surprising deals at luxury brand dealerships like Colony Lincoln. If you’re a Lincoln fan or you’ve been thinking about getting one, January is a great time to get deals on the Lincoln Continental or the Lincoln Navigator.

Lincoln drivers appreciate craftsmanship and comfort, but they’re pragmatic, too. They know not to spend more than they need. If that sounds like you, January is a great time to visit local Lincoln dealers like Colony Lincoln, a luxury car dealership serving the Greater Toronto Area.

Whether you want the latest model year or you’d prefer to save with last year’s model is a tough decision. The 2018 Lincoln Continental doesn’t have any major changes to it compared to 2017, but the Navigator is all new, with a complete overhaul from the frame up, including an aluminum body and front seats taking inspiration from the Continental. The new Navigator is the cruise ship of the highway.

When that calendar year changes, something just feels older about last year’s models. They’re no different than they were on December 31st, but dealerships are keen to move them off the lot and make room for everything all-new. That’s when it’s the perfect time to take a new Lincoln for a test drive and decide on the right model for your life, when dealers are ready to close deals and offer a better price to do it.

The days are short and the weather is abysmal; who would think that January is a great time to take a test drive? Despite the winter weather, buying a luxury car in January is a decision that just makes sense. Enjoy incredible deals by learning when is the right time to buy and how you can save on your next vehicle.

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