NIH-Funded Project Documenting Sexual Lives of Minor Boys without Parental Permission

Dr. Fauci’s infamous National Institutes of Health (NIH) that funded gain-of-function in Wuhan, China, is also involved in prowling on the sexual lives of minor boys, as revealed in a shocking report published last week.

NIH spying gay teens
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NIH Funding Columbia University for Data on Gay Teens’ Sex Lives

The Washington Free Beacon reported on Thursday (January 27, 2022) that the NIH has funded the Columbia University with about $8 million since 2016 to study data collected on young guys who reported having condomless sex with other guys. The project includes paying guys as young as 13 to report their sexual practices via an app – MyPEEPS Mobile.

The worst part of it all – this collection of data on minor boys’ sexual lives has been happening without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

According to one of the program’s studies, teenaged participants in the pilot trial were “recruited” to use the app in six different cities and traveled to attend “interventions” to discuss the sex education program, all without parental permission.

The story adds that the head of the Columbia University project funded by the NIH said that they got a parental permission waiver from the review board.

The Western Journal reported on Friday that the NIH-funded study at the Columbia University focused on teen boys in four cities: Birmingham (AL), Chicago (IL), New York City (NY), and Seattle (WA).

Concerns Raised

The unethical nature of this kind of secret recruitment of teens using an online platform was questioned by some experts. Two of them cited in the story, Dr. Monique Wubbenhorst and Dr. Aaron Rothstein, expressed concern and surprise over such a waiver without any adequate safety mechanism in place for these potentially vulnerable minors.

Last November, it was reported that teachers in California were involved in recruiting school-going children into homosexual/transsexual (LGBTQ) clubs.

Media’s Silence

Aside from the government and academia overstepping the good bounds, the mainstream media seemingly have blacked out collectively on this story. Only a handful of conservative media sources have reported on the NIH-funded project targeting sexual lives of teen boys without their parents’ knowledge.

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