Train Disaster in OH Raising Questions

The disastrous derailment of a freight train in Ohio early this month has been underreported in media, many say, and there is speculation of some sort of a cover-up involved.

Ohio Train Disaster
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The OH Train Disaster in Brief

Reuters reported that the incident happened on Friday, February 3, in East Palestine, an Ohio town close to the Pennsylvania border. The train was en route from Illinois to Pennsylvania when it derailed and resulted in a massive fire. Hundreds of homes in the vicinity of the accident had to be evacuated after the accident.

The New York Post reported on February 6 that the “controlled release of dangerous vinyl chloride” was carried out from the five rail cars. Hours before the release, the authorities ordered the residents of the area to leave immediately because it was “a matter of life and death.” Some 20 homes in Pennsylvania were also ordered to evacuate.

The controlled burn would send phosgene and hydrogen chloride into the air with phosgene a highly toxic gas that could lead to vomiting and trouble breathing. It’s so potent soldiers used it as a weapon in World War I.

One person was reportedly arrested for trying to get to the crash site seemingly out of curiosity to see what exactly was happening.

Animals Dying, Media Underreporting, and Arrest of Journalist

While a lot of people on social media wanted to know more about the train disaster and its aftermath, the mainstream media appeared to be not as interested in the story as an incident of this nature would otherwise inspire.

People started posting on social media and video sharing sites their concerns over the actual extent of damage done by the accident to the environment and property and its impact on families evacuated. One video shared on February 13 shows animals dying in the area by the toxic contamination of the environment caused by the accident.

At the same time a journalist Evan Lambert, working for NewsNation, was arrested while covering a press conference and getting into a heated confrontation with the leader of the Ohio National Guard at the event. Fox News reported that Lambert was pushed to the ground and handcuffed and later charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest.

Independent journalist and anchor Stew Peters tweeted on February 12 as to what was happening in Ohio. He wrote:

“Dead fish and cattle being reported as far as 100 miles away from the site. Journalists covering the story have been arrested. What the HELL is going on?”

Biden’s Silence on Train Disaster Questioned

Meanwhile Joe Biden has completely ignored the train disaster and neither he nor the White House spokesperson has offered any details on government’s effort to help with the situation. The question was asked on Twitter why Biden didn’t comment on the freight train disaster, sparking a debate between Biden supporters and critics. One Tweet speculated that the president’s silence was an effort to save face:

Is Biden too worried about the Republican House’s impending investigation into his son Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal to pay attention to what’s happening in the country? Or Is the exposition of the sabotage of Nord Stream 2 overshadowing domestic disasters?

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