Voter Fraud in CA Election

In Tuesday’s governor recall election in California, Republican Larry Elder instantly conceded without making any effort to expose the voter fraud reported and witnessed by many sources. In one tell-tale example, CNN news footage showed sudden disappearance of hundreds of thousands of votes that opposed Democrat Gavin Newsom.

Voter Fraud Seen Live on CNN

The video of the CNN footage was seen on some alternative social media sites the day after the election and it was posted to BitChute on September 15.

The footage shows CNN’s news anchor Jake Tapper updating on the voting stats on the election night. The screen first shows 4,530, 002 No votes, amounting to 67.1% of total votes counted, in favor of Newsom. At that point, the Yes votes, opposing Newsom, stand at 2, 225, 915, amounting to 32.9% of total votes counted.

CNN News voter fraud 1
CNN News Screenshot @ BitChute

Tapper then walks up to CNN’s chief correspondent John King to bring him into the discussion and as King talks about Newsom, the screen still shows the same stats for a few seconds.

Voter Fraud in CA Election 1
CNN News Screenshot @ BitChute

Then the figures on the screen suddenly switch, both on the main screen (at the bottom right) and on the screen in the studio by which King and Tapper are standing. The new stats show the exact same vote count for Newsom, that is 4,530, 002 but now amounting to 70.7% of total votes. And, the Yes vote number opposing Newsom is now changed to 1,874,206, that is 351,709 less than previous number of opposing votes.  The new Yes figures are now shown to make 29.3% of the total vote count.

CNN voter fraud 3
CNN News Screenshot @ BitChute

What happened to the 350 plus thousand votes opposing Newsom and seen disappear live on CNN? Nobody seems to have brought up the question, including Larry Elder or his campaign team. However, observers watching it all closely for voter fraud easily spotted and recorded the sudden switch in stats resulting in the disappearance of a big chunk of votes specifically from the opposition to the left’s favorite candidate.

Prior to the voting day, early voting had witnessed voter fraud as a number of republican voters were reportedly unable to cast their ballots against Newsom because the voting machine told them they already had voted; apparently somebody had used their identities to vote for them while they were completely unaware of it.

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