What Should You Know To Protect Yourself From Bankruptcy

Some blame e-commerce in general. Some blame Amazon. Some simply blame the change in how people are shopping. Overall, shoppers today are much different than a few decades ago. People are quick to jump on their computer or smartphone and shop online. Shopping online has many perks and benefits. Because of these perks and benefits, shoppers around the world have become more likely to shop online than in-store. For e-commerce giants and e-commerce businesses, then this is good news. However, not everyone is celebrating the change in online shopping. Many online companies have threatened the livelihood of people who have physical stores.

Brick and mortar stores never thought it would be likely that the Internet would disturb their customer base and their sales. But truly, physical locations have seen a dramatic shift in foot traffic in stores to online stores. Physical stores have seen new online companies open and lure customers away from physical locations that have been open for decades. Brick and mortar stores across the world are struggling with the fact that the Internet has completely altered how people shop.

The impact of the Internet and e-commerce has been so much to that point that many brick and mortar stores have gone out of business. Think Toys R Us and Sears. These are just two examples out of many companies that have had to file bankruptcy. Companies that have been around for decades have been forced into bankruptcy. Even companies that have celebrated their one hundred year birthday of being in business have had to sadly and slowly close their doors.

Staying in business is hard to do. Getting help from people like Len Stauffenger, ESQ might just be necessary for a company to withstand the powers of e-commerce. Having a certified team that can lead a brick and mortar through this digital age and transition of people moving to online shopping will allow brick and mortar stores to have at least a fighting chance to remain in business. No one likes to hear the word bankruptcy. But in today’s changing landscape of online shopping, bankruptcy is becoming the normality.

Although we are constantly hearing about bankruptcies, especially in the news, many times people are not completely aware of what bankruptcy is. Bankruptcy is a process where people can legally get help or relief from paying debts they owe. Bankruptcy allows a person, oftentimes, to get out of paying mortgages, loans, and overdue bills they cannot pay. Both individual people and businesses can file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy may seem like an easy way of getting out of bills, but bankruptcy has a lot of consequences. Bankruptcy can and will devastate your credit score and history if you ever have to file bankruptcy. The most common form of bankruptcy is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy completely clears out any debts you owe such as medical bills and credit card bills. Because of the serious repercussions of bankruptcy, there are many ways a person or business can avoid filing for bankruptcy. The most common thing that comes to mind is for people to not overspend or go far into debt. If you feel as though you have already made the mistake of overextending yourself by spending too much on credit cards or not repaying your loans, then you need to start paying down your debt. Speak with a lawyer and financial advisor and ask for financial assistance from any family or friends who are able to help. Also, attend come credit card counseling to get some advice on how to reign in your overspending habits.

Bankruptcy is a serious matter. You must contact the correct people if you are seriously considering filing for bankruptcy. Weigh out all your options before deciding to file bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy will completely change the course of your life. Though the consequences are serious, you will be able to get back on your feet after years of seriously dedicating time to starting over in life. Once you have seriously and thoroughly decided you wish to file bankruptcy, you will have to contact the right person to start the bankruptcy process. If you cannot avoid bankruptcy, then you should contact the court to file a petition. Make sure to speak with an attorney, tax professional, or financial professor to guide you through this rigorous and life-changing process.

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