Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Hyperconnectivity: Rising Demand for IoT, Cloud-Based Tech To Drive Market to $2.2 Trillion by 2031

In a world where the number of connected devices is rapidly increasing, hyperconnectivity has become a buzzword that defines the way people and devices interact with each other.

Private Placement Assets: Hidden Time Bombs or Buried Treasure?

In the world of professional wealth management, most persons prefer not to deal with the issues surrounding their client's "Private Placement" assets: financial...

Elite Matchmaker Comments on Surprising New Research

Elite matchmaker Sherri Murphy weighs in on new research linking how someone rates their own value as a mate and how strong their immune system is.

Data from San Diego Shows Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Most at Risk to Die of COVID

Once again the numbers have revealed the well-known failure of COVID shots in preventing COVID infection, hospitalization, and/or deaths. The latest stats...

Polio Vaccine Brings Polio Back to New York

Polio is back in America, thanks to the oral polio vaccine that has been spreading polio around the world for decades.Last month, ...

Is COVID-19 a Planned Poisoning of the World Using Snake Venom?

The nature and origins of the so-called COVID-19 has been the subject of serious speculation and numerous independent investigations and hypotheses for over 2...

UK COVID Update: Most COVID Deaths in Fully Vaccinated People

The latest numbers on COVID-19 infections and deaths are available from the United Kingdom and they confirm that the fully vaccinated make the big...

DART Mission Displaces 1000 Tons of Asteroid Debris, Paving the Way for Future Planetary Defense

NASA's DART spacecraft successfully completed its mission to kinetically remove over 1,000 tons of rock from its target asteroid Didymos-Dimorphos.

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