Arizona Audit Finds Evidence of Massive Election Fraud

Extensive election fraud at multiple stages of voting in the 2020 election in Arizona was revealed in the audit report of Maricopa County election. The report was presented before the Arizona State Senate in Phoenix, yesterday.

While the mainstream media have cast doubt on validity of the effort, the The Gateway Pundit summarized the audit findings as the hearing proceeded. Of the multiple kinds of voter fraud found by the Arizona audit, there were:

  • 17000 duplicated ballots – details
  • 57,734 ballots with serious issues like people voting twice, invalid votes, people voting despite having moved from the state, and others – details
  • Serious security issues with both software and hardware of the computerized voting system, including thousands of deleted files and anonymous logins – details
Arizona Audit report
Screenshot @ Brighteon

There were two alarming revelations confirmed by the audit, previously reported soon after election day but not officially verified previously. The first was that the voting machines were indeed connected to the Internet as extensive internet activity was detected by the audit team’s experts. The second was that they discovered deletion of large chunks of election data. Deleting data is in direct violation of the Arizona election law that requires all election data to be preserved for at least 22 months after the election.

A video hosted at Brighteon shows the auditors presenting their findings and analysis before the State Senate yesterday.

Wendy Rogers Speech on Arizona Audit

Following the Arizona audit report, conservative Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona posted on her social media that the audit has been referred to the AZ Attorney General for further action. In a related post, Rogers posted the slogan Decertify as she wrote: “The Attorney General is going to have a field day with the technical aspect of this report.”

Arizona Audit Finds Evidence of Massive Election Fraud 1
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Rogers also gave a short speech after the Arizona audit report’s hearing, saying that the rampant corruption and fraud in the 2020 election call for a forensic audit in all 50 states.

President Trump on Arizona Audit

After the audit report was presented, the Trump team on Telegram posted this message:

Massive fraud was found in the Arizona Forensic Audit, sometimes referred to as “Fraudit.” The numbers are Election Changing!

Trump Telegram message
Screenshot @ Telegram

President Trump said he would be talking about the Arizona audit in his Georgia rally scheduled for today (Saturday).

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