Federal Judge Blocks Nationwide Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

The Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for health care workers across America was blocked by a federal judge on Tuesday, November 30, providing temporary relief to those who are threatened with termination if they refuse to take the COVID shots.

Constitutionality of Mandate for Health Care Workers

The New York Post reported that US District Judge Terry Doughty issued a preliminary injunction for health care workers across the country, blocking the federal government’s vaccine mandate. Judge Doherty’s ruling read:

There is no question that mandating a vaccine to 10.3 million healthcare workers is something that should be done by Congress, not a government agency.

The federal judge added that it is not clear whether such a mandate would be constitutional even if the congress passed it.

Health Care Workers
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On Monday, November 29, another federal judge struck a blow to Biden’s vaccine mandate for health care workers by blocking it in 10 states. The Daily Wire reported that U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp blocked the vaccine mandate for health care workers in the state of Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Alaska, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Resistance to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Since launching its vaccine war on America in September this year, the Biden administration has met resistance in many conservative states where the state authorities either blocked the vaccine mandate or filed lawsuits in federal courts to have it blocked via federal court orders. Millions of American workers across the country have been threatened with loss of job in case they refuse to take the shots.

Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) has been quick in appealing one recent federal court ruling that blocked the vaccine mandate. As reported by KYMA, the DOJ has asked the 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals to revive the health care worker mandate blocked on Monday. If appealed, which seems very likely, Tuesday’s ruling against the vaccine mandate will also be sent to the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

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