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The end of the 2018/19 season was extremely unfortunate for “Manchester United.” How good was the team in December-March, just as depressing it looked in April-May. And if the defeat from “Barcelona” or “Manchester City” could be explained by the level of the rival, then the failures in matches with “Wolverhampton” or “Huddersfield” are one more proof that the Red Devils are in deep crisis.

Today, the latest football results have led to the team’s failure to reach the top-4 of the APL at the end of the season. The next campaign in the international arena, “Manchester United” will hold in the Europa League.

While the team looked inspiring and confident, as well as was also psychologically relaxed, during the first matches under the leadership of Sulskher, then just a couple of unsuccessful results again returned the “MU” to the worst period of the times of Mourinho.

MUFC perspectives during the next season

There is no doubt that the team needs serious personnel changes. There are too many players in the team who are not ready to fight for the MUFC emblem. It is already known that due to the club’s absence in the Champions League, the salary of all the players was cut by 25%. But the question is whether this measure will help the team to understand that they have to change their attitude to the game.

It is evident that many players including the main stars simply do not have the desire to do their best for the team. In the summer, Sulskher promised to make several deals. However, firstly the main accent will be on young football players, and secondly, the stars of the first magnitude are unlikely to go to the team that does not play in the Champions League.

There are other weak points of the MUFC, which include:

  1. Permanent leaders’ injuries.
  2. The sharp decline in the level of many players. First of all, De Gea can be noted. The player misses more and more goals and does not help the team even in simple situations.
  3. Conflicts within the team.

It is still unclear whether Sulskher will remain for a long time. If the first half of the matches under his leadership was excellent, then there was a deafening failure on all fronts: starting from the FA Cup up to the Champions League. Ole will start the next season as a head coach but the main question is whether he will be able to keep this position after the end of the season. It should be noted that the majority of football players regularly speak in favor of the Norwegian mentor.

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