Sick Biden Caught Maskless at Restaurant, Lying about Testing

While lecturing others on the importance of wearing a mask, Joe Biden has again been caught maskless at a restaurant in DC. In addition, he has also been caught lying about COVID testing.

Reports of Maskless Biden at DC Restaurant

Despite being sick with a cold, the mentally frail Biden chose not to wear a mask inside a restaurant in DC this weekend. The Gateway Pundit showed a clip from Biden’s Friday speech showing him speaking in a hoarse voice because of sickness with a cold and coughing in the midst of his speech. Biden blamed the cold on his baby grandson who, according to Biden, loves to kiss him.

Later in the evening, reporters saw a maskless Biden inside a restaurant.

According to pool reporters, Joe Biden did not wear a mask while he was inside of Imperfecto, a new restaurant by Enrique Limardo.

The story included a tweet by Jake Schneider showing maskless Biden coming out of the restaurant.

biden maskless

BBC correspondent Tara McKelvey also tweeted that her colleague says he saw Biden not wearing a mask inside the restaurant, but while outside, in front of cameras, he put on the mask. She wrote:

My colleague @justinsink says he saw him inside the restaurant through a window, and the president was not wearing a mask. Outside, in front of the cameras, he wore one.

In October, Biden and his wife Jill were caught on video walking maskless inside a seafood restaurant in Washington D.C. despite an indoor mask mandate in place for everyone.

Leftist mainstream media sources have not reported on the latest incident of Biden’s violation of his own advice to the public on indoor mask-wearing despite being sick with a cold.

Biden Caught Lying about COVID Testing

Fox News, meanwhile, reported the story and added that Biden was caught lying about getting tested daily for COVID-19.

Later on Friday, White House physician Kevin O’Connor released an assessment, contradicting Biden’s claim that he gets COVID tested daily, but confirming the president’s cold diagnosis.

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