Twitter Censors Video Exposing CNN’s Pedophile Producer of Jake Tapper’s Show

Yet another CNN producer has been accused of pedophilia, this time it’s the producer of CNN’s star anchor Jake Tapper’s show. Twitter reportedly took down the video of an interview exposing the pedophile.

Pedophile Producer Named by Project Veritas

On December 17, Project Veritas named the CNN employee exposed as a pedophile. The accused was identified as Rick Saleeby, a producer on CNN’s popular show The Lead with Jake Tapper.

Citizens Journal posted the picture of Saleeby along with the well-known Tapper. The story wrote:

Interestingly, Saleeby had been quoted by Project Veritas in a 2019 sex scandal involving another CNN producer, Steve Brusk.

CNN Pedophile Producer Rick Saleeby
Rick Saleeby. Screenshot @ BitChute

Mainstream media have completely blacked out on the story of Rick Saleeby exposed as a pedophile. This silence comes after Project Veritas wrote that many media outlets asked for the name of the alleged pedophile.

There have been many requests from other journalists and media outlets to name the subject in Wednesday’s tragic story involving a CNN producer.

Twitter Deletes Video about Saleeby

On social media, the story found many viewers as the video of Project Veritas interviewing the woman who had saved the text messages from Saleeby asking for nudes of her 15-year-old daughter. The video interview of the woman exposing Saleeby was posted to Twitter by Project Veritas. But Twitter deleted the video after it got over a million hits. James O’Keefe of Project Veritas posted a video to inform the public of Twitter’s censorship. O’Keefe wondered if CNN pressured Twitter to take down the video of the interview.

CNN Embroiled in Pedophilia and Sex Abuse Scandals

The news of Rick Saleeby’s pedophilia scandal comes just weeks after another CNN producer John Griffin was arrested for pedophilia. Griffin was a producer on another show of popular anchor Chris Cuomo. CNN also fired Cuomo earlier this month for helping his brother Andrew Cuomo, former Governor of New York, suppress the accusations of the women he sexually harassed during his term as governor. Yet another famous CNN anchor Don Lemon remains accused of sexual assault by a man named Dustin Hice. No action has been taken by the channel against Lemon so far.

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